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We are experienced to creating sites in entertainment industry and generate more than 300 000 unique visitors daily. Creating and supporting high-load web-applications and web-sites.

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Network working in adult niches: mature (tube and pics), granny (tube and pics), Indian (tube), BBW (tube).
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Basic network rules

For link and blind-link trade partners

  • No popunders/consoles
  • Absolutely NO trojans, exploits or dialers
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January 2023



Free open source traffic trade script
What is mean "traffic trade script"?! For example, we have in simple case two sites: site A and site B. Site A have 1 unique visitor and site B have 1 unique visitor today (2 different surfers on each site: lets say surfer a1 and sufer b1 accordingly). We need exchange this surfers for this 2 sites to grow our sites visitors twice. It will be done when surfer a1 will visit site B and b1 will visit A. In simple case we can add link from site A to site B and on site B to site A. If both surfers a1, b1 clicks on this links then we will solve the problem. But this will work only in ideal case!
What are the problems for hardlinks exchange:
  • each site has its own structure and set links equivalent to both sites is not always possible;
  • each site have a idividual amount of visitors, which entails a overflow from one site and underfilling from the other;
  • sites for exchange can be more than two, which entails clogging the site with external links..
To solve this we need "traffic trade script" which count, control and redirect surfers for hunders of similar sites.

Is time when technologies don't stay in same place and some old good scripts stop works without support. TradeX was started like a good framework for me, but it is deprived of the main -- modern outgoing traffic rules and algorithms. That's what I added to it.

SFTrade Online Docs, Public GitHub repo

October 2018
Programming Languages & Tools
  • Mobile-First, Responsive Design
  • Cross Browser Testing & Debugging
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Agile Development & Scrum


Tgram: S_F1ash

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