Bulk Add Trades
Use this dialog to add several trades at once. This dialog will have the same settings as the Add a Trade dialog, but will allow you to enter import data to add multiple trades with one click. The following additional fields are on this dialog: For example, say you have some import data that looks like this: Site #1;http://www.site1.com/index.shtml;jeff@site1.com;Jeff Site #2;http://www.site2.com/index.shtml;george@site2.com;George Site #3;http://www.site3.com/index.shtml;sam@site3.com;Sam For the Separator you would select Semicolon (;)
For the Fields you would select Site Name, Return URL, E-mail, Nick, and None for the remaining
For the Trade data you would paste the import data from above

Once you have the import data configured, you can adjust the remaining settings as you like. Those same settings will then be used for each trade that is imported.