Search Engines
Use this dialog to configure the domains that should be tracked as search engines. Enter one search engine domain per line. If you would like SFTrade to also track the search terms that were entered at the search engines, provide the search term parameter after a pipe (|) character on each line.

For example, when you do a search at Google for the word exercise the search URL is this:

Notice that the search word is passed in the q= parameter, so that is what you would need to use in the Search Engine settings:


For the best results, strip the www. from the front of the search engine domain and leave off the domain suffix (com, net,, etc).
Advanced Search Term Extraction
Some search engines are now using URLs with the search term embedded rather than using query string parameters. SFTrade can extract these search terms as well, but this requires that you specify a regular expression to extract the search term from the URL path. To indicate that a regular expression is being used, it must be prefixed with an @ character.

For example, the search engine uses this type of search term embedding. when you do a search at for the word exercise the search URL is this:

Therefore, the entry for in the Search Engines list looks like this:


SFTrade will capture the text in the location of (.*?) and that will be recorded as the search term.