End User - Stats
If you are allowing your traders to login and view their stats you will wnat to create a link to the trade-stats.php script so they can access the login interface. You can use a standard HTML link pointing to the trade-stats.php script. For example, if SFTrade is installed in the tx directory of your site, you could use a link like this: <a href="/sft/trade-stats.php">Webmasters - Check Stats</a> If a trader has lost their password, they can have a new one generated for their account using the password reset utility which is part of the trade-stats.php script. Create a link on your site like so: <a href="/sft/trade-stats.php?r=forgot">Webmasters - Lost Password</a> The appearance of the stats interface is controlled through the Site Templates, which you can modify to meet your needs.